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Staying Safe in the Winter Months

Staying Safe in the Winter Months

Your bones play a big role in your overall health. With statistics as high as one in two women over 60 will break a hip this year, it is important more than ever that women take interest in keeping their bones healthy. To follow are 10 facts about bone health for women.

  1. Bones are living things. Although bones serve as the architecture of the human body, they are alive. One set of sells called osteoblasts work to build new bone while another set of cells, osteoclasts are breaking down old bone. This constant activity is why bones can heal after they have been fractured. This activity between the two classes of cells is rapid and begins to slow later in life. The slower bones regrown, the less likely an individual is to successfully heal from a break.
  2. Exercise makes your bones more dense. In women, bone density peaks at age 3 and begins to degenerate from that point forward.
  3. Anorexia, which may cause young women to stop menstruating, causes bone loss.
  4. Bones act as storage units for the body. When a woman is breast feeding, extra calcium is passed on to the child from the mother’s bones. This process happens without ever compromising the mother’s health.
  5. Excessive alcohol use can damage bone-density. In alcoholics, bone loss turns into a condition called osteopenia, which is a precursor for osteoporosis.
  6. Milk is good for your bones, but spinach is better. Leafy greens contain higher levels of calcium.
  7. Calcium supplements are not as effective in aiding bone health as a calcium-fortified diet.
  8. Women over 65 are more likely to fracture a hip related to osteoporosis than they are to develop breast, ovarian or uterine cancers.
  9. Twenty five percent of those who break a hip die within a year.
  10. Vitamin D, the sun vitamin, plays a critical role in keeping bones healthy. Vitamin D improves bones abilities to absorb calcium.


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