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Preventing Running Injuries


It is important to stay fit and exercise regularly. However, at times, exercising can become the cause of detriment to your health too. This often happens when you push yourself excessively, such as when you are running too hard and for too long without allowing your body to acclimatize itself to the stress. Running injuries are common in individuals who have recently started this form of exercise or who have ramped up their exercise regimen suddenly.

Preventing Running Injuries

Take a look at how you can prevent these common injuries with these simple tips:

  • Overuse of misaligned kneecap:
    If you have been experiencing severe pain in and around the knee region after using the stairs, if you squat for long or when you bend your knee for a prolonged period, you may have excessively strained your knee cap. This is a common problem in individuals who have a marginally misaligned kneecap. The overuse exacerbates the condition and adds to the stress and strain sustained  by your knees resulting in pain. Avoiding overuse is an effective solution.
  • Pain in the shin:
    If you are experiencing severe pain along the shin bone, it may be because you have not allowed your body to accustom to a new workout routine or an increase in the hours or extent that you workout. Taking a few days off from your exercise is important and so is adding some stretching exercises to your regimen.
  • Muscle pull:
    A very common condition that occurs with over use, muscle pull is indicated by the popping sensation you experience when you subject the muscle to strain. This is actually your muscle tearing because you have stretched it beyond limit. Complete rest, icing followed by compression and elevation of the joint is an effective remedy after consulting with your physician.

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