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Muscle Strain

Everything You Need To Know About Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is not something that only sports players need to worry about. Many patients end up pulling a muscle after the most harmless physical activity. In fact, you may be unaware that you have caused damage to your muscle and you may simply ignore the twinges of pain, only to have the problem escalate in a short while. Visiting your orthopedic doctor as soon as you have suffered a muscular strain allows you to treat the problem before it worsens. Whether it is a sports injury or joint disease that is causing your muscle strain, we can give you immediate relief from the pain and long term solutions for the condition at Active Orthopedic.

Signs Of Muscle Strain

When you are experiencing pain because of natural aging process or as a result of a recent injury, it is important to determine if  you are suffering from muscle strain. The common symptoms of muscular strain are:

  • Inflammation:
    The most visible and evident symptom of muscle strain is swelling in and around the area. The skin may be reddish in this area and bruising may also be present if the muscle strain is caused by an injury.
  • Continual pain:
    A sharp or dull, throbbing pain the area even when you are not doing any physical activity is often a sign of muscle strain that has occurred over a prolonged period.
  • Sharp pain when the muscle is in use:
    A clear indicator of muscle strain is that sharp pain arises whenever the damaged muscle is put to even the least amount of stress or when a joint that is related to the muscle being used.
  • Inability to flex the muscle:
    When the muscle is significantly strained, it may become impossible to move the joint associated with it or to use the muscle at all.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important for you to contact us at the earliest so that we can offer the right treatment to resolve the problem and prevent further damage to the muscle. We will carry out a thorough physical examination to determine the extent of damage and arrive at the most appropriate treatment method to bring immediate relief while resolving the problem most effectively.


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