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Knee Pain

3 Reasons Your Knee Hurts

Knee pain can have a major impact on your life and well-being if you allow the issue to go without treatment. While some knee problems can be remedied rather quickly, others require more extensive forms of treatment such as surgery or physical therapy. By educating yourself on the three most common reasons why your knee may hurt, you’ll better understand the different complications that can occur and why prompt treatment is essential.

Active Lifestyles

Those who spend more time on their feet are more likely to experience knee pain. While staying active is necessary for optimal health, certain exercises, sports, and activities put high levels of strain on areas within the knee. When active people experience knee pain, it’s generally a result of tendinitis or strains and can occur out of nowhere, ranging from mild to severe. Strains and tendinitis can occur due to trauma or excessive wear, and medical guidance from a licensed professional must be sought right away to evaluate the problem and ensure it’s nothing more serious.

Ligament Injuries

The ligaments within your knee are one of the most important parts of the knee. They act somewhat like giant rubber bands, connecting the lower leg bone to the thigh and allowing for flexibility. When the ligament is injured, it often causes a severe and shocking pain.

The type of trauma needed to cause a ligament tear is dependent upon the health of your ligament. While some people require a hard blow to the knee to experience a problem, others may find themselves in trouble after an unnatural twist of the knee. Regardless, medical attention is needed right away to address the pain and come up with a treatment plan.

Cartilage Tears

Both injuries and tears are often seen in the semi-hard but flexible tissue known as the cartilage, which works to cover the ends of bones to prevent them from grinding together during movement. Cartilage issues are rather common, and the majority of injuries that occur in the knee are due to one or more tears in the knee cartilage.

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