Patient Education:
How are Bunions Treated

Bunions are abnormal, painful bumps which form at the base of the big toe, where the toe attaches to the foot. Since bunions occur at a joint, the toe bends in when you walk. This means your entire body weight will rest upon that bunion every time you take a step!

While bunions occur for a number of reasons, they are  most commonly caused by wearing shoes that do not fit properly. Common symptoms of a bunion are thickened skin on the feet,  corns or calluses, or swelling on your feet.

Treatment for bunions will depend on how serious the condition is. Here are some common treatments (and preventative measures) for bunions:

  1. Change your shoes.
    Since wearing shoes that are too tight are usually the cause for bunions, wearing comfortable shoes is a preventative measure for bunions.  However, wearing more comfortable shoes can help ease any pain caused by a bunion. Early treatment for bunions, which includes wearing comfortable shoes, is considered highly-effective.
  2. Medications.
    For most patients, simply using an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as Tylenol, Advil, or Aleve, will help ease the pain cause by bunions. Additionally, getting injections of Cortisone may help ease symptoms.
  3. Use  shoe inserts.
    Wearing padded shoe inserts can keep your bunion from becoming worse. The insert can also help ease the stress and pain put on your feet, and distribute your body weight more evenly.  Shoe inserts are available in many drug and grocery stores, though some other inserts may require a prescription.
  4. Surgery.
    When nonsurgical treatments are just not enough, surgery may be necessary. There are a number of surgical procedures used for bunions, although there is no one surgery that is best for every case. Most surgeries for bunions will include a “bunionectomy,” which involves removing swollen tissue from around the big toe. The procedure also helps straighten the big toe. However, surgery should only be used if your bunion pain interferes with your daily movements and activities.


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