Patient Education:
How Baseball Players Can Protect Themselves From Injuries

When you think of sports injuries, you probably associate them with sports that are more high-contact, like football, hockey, and basketball. However, baseball players suffer injuries too. In fact, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2010 the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that there were more than 414,000 Americans treated in hospitals, emergency rooms, and doctors’ offices for baseball-related injuries. Of that number, more than 282,000 of these patients were under the age of 18. These can range from tears and strains to impact injuries, broken bones, and more. So, as a baseball player, what can you do to protect yourself from injury?

Prepare For Play

Far too many players and coaches take little or no time to actually prepare before playing. This does not necessarily mean engaging in long sessions of pre-game stretching. It is, however, important to warm the body and muscles before jumping right into exercise and, particularly, exercises involving quick and snappy movements like pitching or swinging a bat.

Proper Safety Equipment

Anybody at bat or running the bases should wear an appropriately rated batting helmet. Face shields and cheek guards can be added to these helmets to further improve their protection. Some batters also like to add a protective jacket or vest. A mouth guard would not hurt, either. Catchers, likewise, should wear an appropriate mask, chest protector, shin guards, and catcher’s mitt. All players should use an appropriate glove to avoid hand injuries when catching a baseball.

baseball-injuries-320x210There Is No Substitute For Proper Training And Good Form

Nothing is more important to preventing injury than using proper form. This includes using a proper swing while at bat, learning proper mechanics for throwing and pitching, and having a correct gait when running. Training can also show players how to avoid injuries through techniques like dodging pitches.

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