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5 Ways To Prevent A Knee Injury

5 Ways To Prevent A Knee Injury

Once someone has injured a knee, it can become prone to repeat injuries. These knee injuries are not only painful, but when multiple injuries happen in the same area, further damage can occur. However, there are ways to protect the knee. By learning how to prevent knee injuries, full mobility can be regained and life can continue as before, even if that means evening jogs or tennis matches.

Tips To Prevent Knee Injuries

  1. Keep knees strong.
    By doing regular exercises, the knee can build up strength to prevent further damage or injury. A strong knee strengthens the entire body and keeps movements easy and pain-free. When exercising the knee, especially after an injury, it’s always important to warm up before any physical activity. This loosens the joint and muscles and makes them more flexible during the work out.
  2. Wear supportive shoes.
    Anyone who has suffered from a knee injury should be sure to wear appropriate shoes with good arch support. Athletes should take special concern to always wear the right sporting shoes that fit well. For people prone to knee injuries, it’s important to replace shoes regularly, typically every 300 to 500 miles.
  3. Learn to move right.
    Many knee injuries occur due to not moving in the appropriate way. Knee straining activities, such as squatting and lifting, should be limited. Objects that are too heavy should also be avoided, as well as improper sporting moves and techniques.
  4. Wear a knee brace.
    Once a knee has been injured, it is more likely to be injured again. To prevent further damage, a knee brace can be worn. There are different styles of knee braces that help with different complications, and some work better with different body types. Talk to a doctor to see which braces are appropriate for which conditions.
  5. Let existing injuries heal.
    One common cause of subsequent knee injuries is that the knee was not completely healed before activities were resumed. Just because the knee no longer hurts or the swelling is reduced, it does not necessarily mean the knee is healed. Ligaments can take six to 10 weeks to completely recover, so be sure to allot the required amount of time for the knee to heal.

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