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Tips for Exercise During the Winter Months

Tips for Exercise During the Winter Months

Exercising during the winter months is not always easy. Colder temperatures, along with environmental factors such as ice and snow, can easily wreak havoc on an exercise routine. However, being active even during the rough winter months is extremely beneficial. Nevertheless, extreme caution should always be taken when you work out in cold temperatures.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will keep you healthy (and safe) during your winter workout.

Top Ways to Exercise Safely During the Winter:

  1. Warm-up Inside.
    Before you head out into the cold to exercise, do some warmup exercises indoors. Not warming up prior to exercising means that your body will be ill-prepared for what you are about to do, which can often result in sports injuries. So, remember to warm-up so your body is conditioned for your workout!
  2. Dress Properly.
    During the winter, it is important to wear layers. However, you do not want to wear clothing that will leave you feeling overheated. Instead, wear a snug, yet breathable, shirt as a base layer. This shirt should be made out of a synthetic fabric, which will help absorb any moisture.  As a middle layer, wear a fleece or wool top that will provide insulation to your body. The thickness of this middle layer will depend on how intense your exercise routine is. Finally, for an outer layer, wear a jacket that resists wind, but is still breathable. A jacket made of nylon is a good option, and don’t forget to wear your hat and gloves!
  3. Keep your body hydrated.
    Most people believe that dehydration is only something to worry about during the summer months. However, dehydration can also be a major problem during the winter months, especially when people exercise while wearing heavy layers. Becoming dehydrated puts you at an increased risk for fatigue, which may eventually result in an injury. Maintaining a healthy diet is also necessary during the winter months.


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