A New Cutting Edge Procedure


ACL injury is a common and often devastating injury. Using advanced arthroscopic techniques, Dr Benke has been performing a new and cutting edge surgery called ACL Repair. Classic “ACL Reconstruction” involves removing the torn ACL and replacing it with an allograft (cadaver tissue) or an autograft (tissue taken from the patient; most commonly hamstring or patellar tendon).

ACL repair is a minimally invasive option in certain patients where the torn ACL is repaired back to the bone. This means less trauma and pain for the patient and earlier return to sports and activity. Dr Benke believes that keeping your own tissue with its own nerve and blood supply allows for a more “normal” knee after surgery; something that is not always the case after traditional ACL surgery.

Make an appointment today and find out if your ACL tear may be amenable to “ACL Repair”.