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ACL Reconstruction, Knee Replacement, Rotator Cuff Repair, Epidural Injections, Arthoscopic Surgery, Shoulder Arthoscopy, Foot & Ankle Surgery, Knee Arthoscopy, Sports Medicine, Hip Arthoscopy, Hip Replacement, Back/Neck, Torn Rotator Cuff, Tennis Elbow, Facet Joint Syndrome, Hand/Wrist, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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When Looking For Treatment For You Or A Loved One
A Physician's Experience Makes
A World Of Difference

Our Physicians Are All Recognized As Being Tops In Their Fields

At Active, each one of our specialists has completed fellowship training in their specific area beyond their residency at the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. They are highly trained, experienced and extremely successful physicians and surgeons with long track records of positive outcomes and satisfied patients. Whatever your injury, chances are that our experts have seen and treated it successfully numerous times before. In addition, with the frenetic pace of advances and innovations being developed in medical technology, concentrating on specific areas allows our physicians and surgeons to stay current on the very latest techniques and diagnostic modalities. This ensures that your treatment and care are the very best available – anywhere

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